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Wigs are popular in British hair salons, Indian materials, made in China

According to the Daily Mail, in a high-end hair salon in London, a stylist spent three hours planting fashion blogger Naomi (Naomi Isted) worth 1,200 euros (approximately RMB 8,800). Golden wig. In the UK, there are a large number of women who have hair transplants. However, among these people, they rarely pay attention to where and how these wigs come from.
British reporters traced that the hair came from India. The picture shows women waiting in line to shave their hair in a temple in southern India. They presented their hair as a gift to the gods to express their gratitude. In fact, they know that their hair will be sold, but they don't care about rewards, because for them, this is a pilgrimage, not a transaction.
These hairs will be collected by the temple and sold to vendors. The picture shows a temple in Tirumala, where 22,000,000 Euros (approximately RMB 160,000,000) can be squeezed from the hair of local women each year. In India, there are vendors who deliberately target poor families-if husbands can persuade their wives to sell hair, they can earn 6 euros
After the merchants bought the hair from the temple, they would tie it up like hay and ship it to a factory in China. The picture shows a patient, cheap female worker in a factory in China repeating the actions of untying knots and separating hair. This is the first step in making a wig. Subsequently, the hair will be combed, divided into strands, and finally dyed.
Color is to soak these bundles of hair in a chemical agent to make it shiny and full of elasticity. After more than 20 days, they will turn into golden and brown hair and fly to the UK.
Finally, these hairs will appear in hair salons in the United Kingdom. Depending on the volume and length of the hair, the average customer will spend 790 to 1,200 Euros (approximately RMB 5,800 to 8,800) to buy them. A hair transplant can only last for 3 months.