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Why Are Chinese Wigs So Popular?

Chinese wigs become popular online celebrities abroad? Africans: Chinese wigs are really amazing! 
In today's day when life pressure is increasing, many people are wailing about their hair loss and hair loss, grabbing a lot of hair every day, which is truly sad. Not only in China, hair loss and baldness have actually become global problems, plagued men and women around the world.
Under the influence of hair loss, the popularity of wigs is justified. After all, no one wants others to stare at your bald head and talk a lot. The key is that it also affects the overall image.
Compared with yellow people, white people and black people face more serious hair loss problems because their hair is oval in cross section, and their diet is mostly high-calorie, high-fat foods. Too much oil is more likely to cause clogged hair follicles, and hair loss is more terrible than ours.
In the United States, there was a saying that “it is said that half of Hollywood’s hair is fake.” Small wigs are a weapon to save the value of beauty, and celebrities are flocking to them, let alone ordinary people. Moreover, compared with the high prices in the United States, the wigs that China exports to the United States are of high quality and low price, so the sales volume is naturally rising!
In Africa and other places, blacks are even more troubled by their hair, because blacks' hair is naturally thinner, curly, and bulky, and it is difficult to manage. Some black people like to braid small braids on their heads and do not remove them for ten days or several months, so that they do not need to wash their hair and are also easy to take care of. But this resulted in their hair loss.
Therefore, Africans have a stronger demand for Chinese wigs! It is said that a Chinese wig can be sold for US$700 in Africa. In Guangzhou, Guangdong, China’s "wig capital", an average of 40,000 sets of wigs are sold worldwide every day!
Black college students and white-collar workers are loyal customers who buy Chinese wigs. Most of them are financially strong and earn two to three thousand dollars a month. Due to the quality of their hair, they spend a lot of money every year on buying wigs and maintaining them. On its own image.
In some African countries, it is very proud to be able to use Chinese-made wigs. Some African friends praised "Your Chinese wigs are really amazing!"
Some overseas students of the Belt and Road will purchase wigs in China and sell them back to the locals, because their own hair is very scarce. It is said that this is a new business opportunity!