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Somethings You Need to Know About Virgin Hair Weave

What exactly is virgin hair weave and how it is produced? A lot of people have questions about this term but do not really know the answers to them. Let us take a closer look at what is virgin hair weave and how it works.


Weaves are usually made from Human hair which is taken from one part of the body and added to another for weaving purposes. The term "Virgin" is used to describe the quality of the Human hair used for weaves. Some common ways to verify virgin hair weave Cuticle test Burn test Washes test Texture test. If a strand is said to be virgin then it has high quality Human hair which does not suffer from damage easily, is straight and has no split ends


Now, let us move on to the types of virgin hair weave. This type of hair is created by taking Human hair and using chemicals such as heat and coloring to make it look beautiful. This type of product is more expensive than the other two types of hair weaves. It has become very popular in recent years because of its looks and feel.


Synthetic hair weaves on the other hand are created from synthetic materials such as synthetic polyester and nylon which are not as good looking as virgin human hair. However, they are more affordable. If you want to purchase a synthetic hair weave, you should be prepared to spend a good amount of money for it. Another drawback of this weave is that it cannot hold the color very long.


This type of hair is considered to be more cost effective compared to real hair but it does not last long because it cannot retain color very long. Moreover, the cuticle of synthetic hair is damaged easily when styling. So, before purchasing synthetic hair you should first inquire about the cuticle of virgin human hair so that you can get the best products for styling your hair. There are many different styles and colors available in virgin human hair so if you are interested in buying one you should try to look out for the one that suits your style best. Whatever it may be, do not forget to conduct proper research before buying so that you get a quality product for the price you are paying.