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How to Maintain Virgin Malaysian Hair ?

Taking good care of a woman's hair is often the biggest challenge for women when taking care of their hair. Most women do not realize how fragile and sensitive their hair really is until they try to make it clean every time they use a shampoo or leave it in a dryer. Hair dryers can be very harsh on your mane so you should always use a gentle hairdryer to dry your tresses instead of using hot water from the tap. If you use a cheap hairdryer with no additives on it like bubbles then your mane is likely to get very hot, which can cause damage.


When washing your virgin malaysian hair, you should use a shampoo that is specially formulated to care for your hair type. virgin malaysian hair contains a lot of oils in it that can dry it out so try using a shampoo that does not use any oils. You can also use natural hair shampoos to make sure you do not strip your mane of its natural oils. Try to wash your mane at least once every other day but if you do not have the time to lather up then you can use a clarifying shampoo every day to restore the moisture back into your mane. Clarifying shampoos remove debris from your hair and scalp and help restore the natural luster to your tresses.


When it comes to drying your virgin malaysian hair, you should never blow dry it. This causes a lot of frizz and makes the hair less shiny. If you must blow dry you can use the humidifier on low to add some humidity to your hair and then dry gently using a towel. It is a good idea to let your hair air dry for a few minutes before you use a hair brush because too much heat can dry out your mane and cause split ends. Using a hairbrush will increase the speed at which your mane will dry so make sure you give yourself adequate time.


After washing it is a good idea to condition your hair using a natural moisturizing shampoo. Virgin hair does not generally need conditioner but most people do as it gives the hair a fuller head of hair. Once you have conditioned your mane you can move on to washing it again. This time use a deep penetrating oil like coconut oil or Castor oil to deep condition your mane leaving it feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.


When choosing a shampoo and conditioner remember that natural ingredients are always best. The cheapest and most popular option available tends to be chemical based. They are quick and easy to use but in the long run they are likely to be damaging to the hair. Natural formulas are both healthy and more cost effective. These formulas can help to make your hair both softer and shinier leaving it feeling rejuvenated and ready to style.