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How to Keep Hair Straight in Humidity ?

How to keep hair straight in humidity home remedy is a question that people ask when they have hair that has become curly or dry. The answer is simple; you need to moisture your hair so that it can stay curly and healthy. There are many different ways that you can accomplish this and I will explain them to you in this article.


You can use hot oil therapy which is one of the easiest ways on how to keep hair straight in humidity. All you need to do is heat some oil like coconut oil, lavender oil or jojoba oil and apply it to your hair. You need to massage it into your hair and wrap it with a plastic bag. This oil will penetrate your hair and will provide nutrition to your hair shafts.


There are also some herbs that are very beneficial for increasing the moisture of your hair. For example you can rub Rosemary leaves on your hair. This will make your hair very oily and shiny. If you are using any kind of conditioner, make sure that you don't leave it on longer than is necessary. Some conditioners will cause dryness and this will also cause the hair to become dry.


How to keep hair straight in humidity is also to drink plenty of water. Water is very important for the overall health of your hair. Make sure that you are drinking at least 8 glasses a day. Also, make sure that you are eating healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. These will give your body with essential nutrients that it needs for hair growth.


One of the simplest ways on how to keep hair straight in humidity is to avoid styling your hair. Styling your hair causes your hair to become dry and this results in your hair falling out. You will also want to avoid blow drying your hair. Blow drying your hair causes your hair to become hot and this causes the hair to become dry and brittle. If you must blow dry you hair you will want to use a low temperature setting and use a flat iron to style your hair.


Your diet is also a great tool on how to keep hair straight in humidity. Your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables. The reason that these two foods are so important to your diet is because they contain vitamins and minerals that will benefit your hair. They are also high in fiber and this is what your hair needs to stay healthy and strong. If you have any concerns about what you are eating you should consult a physician and have him or her help you find a proper diet.