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How to wash your faux scalp wig?

1. After you put on your faux scalp wig for a duration of time, you need to smooth it, how to wash it to make it remaining long, it is additionally a huge hassle for maintaining a hair vendors.


2. Comb it by means of broad teeth comb, in order to avoid it tangle and shedding.


3. Put some incredible shampoo into the heat water, let your wig emerge into the water, after 10-15 minutes, wash the soiled on the wig to make certain the wig clean. Then put it into the freshwater until the shampoo disappear.


4. Apply hair conditioner on the hair ends, please don’t follow it on the root of the hair. Cause the hair strands sewed on the lace, if you use the conditioner on it, it will damage the roots on it, then the hair ought to be shedding a lot. Wait for 3-5 minutes, then wash the conditioner.


5. Absorb the water in the hair by means of a towel. Please don’t twist the hair or towel, it will harm the cuticle of the hair. The hair will be tangle and split.


6. Dry it in the air, you had higher put the wig on the hair stand which can preserve the hair structure and style. If you are rush to use the hair, you can use the blow drier at low temperature to make certain the hair can’t be damaged.


7. Spry some hair oil to make the hair bright and glossy. The hair leaves the vendor, there was once no longer diet supply to it, so the hair oil can expand the diet on the wig.


Where to purchase faux scalp wigs?


Fake scalp wigs as new arrivals in splendor continually hair save on-line have desirable fee and excessive quality.

There are many hair carriers in the market, clients are afraid that they fee a lot however get a horrific hair, why no longer select splendor forever, we are a company hair vendor with extra than 10 years experiences.


We have whole after-sale service, when you get the hair from wig wholesale and you don’t favor it, we take delivery of 15 days no purpose return and refund, please make positive don’t use the hair.


You can strive the new merchandise for free, if you are no longer glad with it, you can return it and get your refund, why now not seize this risk and try.

Especially, we have up to 23% off on Black Friday sale


A pretend scalp wig has undetectable lace, no bleaching needed, pre-plucked hairline, no tweezing, and no stocking cap needed. Make any coiffure you desire ponytail, braids, and bun. It is a exact desire for you to have a wig convenient and easy to maintain. 12 inches to 26 inches are handy for choosing, the weight of this wig is 167-306g/pcs. The capsize is common 22-22.5 inch which can be adjusted.


Knowing about what are faux scalp wigs and the elements about the wigs, welcome share with us what you understand about this new arrival faux scalp wig, thanks for your analyzing and maintaining concern. Meirhair invariably your splendor specialists along with you.