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How to Maintain Body Wave Curl Pattern?

How To Keep Waves of Body Wave?

It is very handy to manage, I use a spray bottle combined with leave-in conditioner and water. And I scrunch up the hair. That's all I do to revive the fine physique wave. This hair does hold that physique wave texture.


How To Keep Your Body Wave Wavy Pattern At Night?

How I set my physique wave hair at night time and to have the physique wave curl fine and extraordinarily in the morning.


1. Take care of edges. I have my hair round the edges, so I like to put hair oil on my edges and simply to hold it pleasant and flexibly. It additionally maintains it fine and flat when we wrap it up with our scarf.


2. Pour oil in the palm of my hand, and simply go thru my hair, and make certain I get to put some of oil in my hair and I solely do that like as soon as a week due to the fact it will lasts and I do not surely like it on dandruff.I squeeze it out of the bottle onto my scalp.


3. I simply use my comb to comb via the hair, forestall it from tangling.


4. Spray the hair with my water bottle, you do not have to get it like superb wet, simply provide it a little bit of definition earlier than braiding it.


5. Just braid your hair, you do not have to braid it all the way down, simply braid it enough. Braid one facet of the hair, and do the equal factor to the different side.


6. You can wash your hair as soon as a week or as soon as two week, simply make certain you dry your hair all the way if you determine to wash.


7. Use my scarf and tie it round my edges so that they can lay down, for your edges have been put hair oil and they will be very first-class and layered. Besides, use a scarf to wrap up your hair, so it would be loose, I do not like my hair be loose.


8. In the morning, simply untie your scarf and open your braids, you will be okay, the hair will be continue to be its wavy hair sample and you are geared up to go.


I love my physique wave wavy hair from meirhair. You can straighten and curl the hair. If you are searching for hair that you can put on straight, curled or in its herbal wavy physique wave state, I particularly propose this hair.