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What is virgin Hair ?

Refers to hair that is completely unprocessed , and intact to the quality as virgin hair wholesale, it must meet rigorous standards including :not been permed ,dyed ,colored , bleached , chemically processed in any way , this also meas it comes from a single donor , and all the cuticles are intact , running in the same direction .
How many hair do I need 
The hair is about 95-100g/bundle (3.5oz/pc), usually 3 bundles are enough for a head , but as the weight of all the bundles is constant , the shorter bunde is thicker than  the longer one , this is reference to tell you how many bundles you need .
Can I color this hair ?
Yes , this is 100%virgin human hair which is not processed in any way , so you can color the hair , once virgin hair is treated in anyway , it is no longer virgin any more , generally it is advised to make any major color changes after having  your extension applied .
Why are my hair extensions getting tangled ?
You hair extension can tanglt due to dryness ,oil &dirt buil-up , salt water , chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb ) out your hair daily , make sure you wash &condition your hair at least once a week , twice a week is better , use hydrating drops or consult your stylist for more help .