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What is the hair in color #613?

It was the platinum blonde hair pieces, it make people who looks more shining and charming,
Which natural color can catch this demand to give the perfect color 613? 100% human virgin hair.
What we call virgin hair there also have several different classes, unprocessed human hair can dye 613, but today we want to show you which hair can dye pure color #613, not only can be dyed and with many darker hair pieces.
This hair we call virgin hair wholesale which cut from one donor, without any chemical processed even before the hair cutting off from people, this is the highest hair material in the market, it cost high and can last for more than 2 year even you restyle and color by user themselves, obviously, there need good caring also. 
This hair in our company we call them grade 8a, it was not the tope grade, but was the highest hair material produce.