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How to distinguish human hair and synthetic hair


The quickest and easiest way to distinguish, was use fire.


Flame resistance

Human hair was a little difficult to blaze up than synthetic hair, when you move the fire close to human hair, it will being roll up, then blaze up slowly, but synthetic hair, it will be blaze up when the hair getting close.


When human hair blaze up, it was smell like hair, but synthetic, it was the smell for plastic.

After blaze up

The ash of human hair, is easy to crushed, but synthetic, the ash will been hard and can not be crush down.




2.    Test with hair straightener


Increase the highest temperature with your hair straightener, straight the hair in clamping force for 5 to 6 times, if the human hair, it will be straight that you want, if synthetic, it will become curly or melt down even more serious.