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How To Wash Human Hair Extensions ?

Most people who own wigs are interested in learning how to properly wash a human hair wig, whether they are using a professional salon or doing it at home. While you can comb and style your wig using the traditional wire brush, you should limit the brushing to the tangles. If you do go through the trouble of brushing the tangles out, then you should follow the steps in this article to prevent further damage to your wig.

The first step in how to wash a human hair wig is to remove all of the tangles. You can accomplish this by shaking the comb in your hand until the tangles are dissolved. Then you should use a mild shampoo that does not contain any chemicals on your scalp. You want to avoid any type of conditioner as the chemicals in most conditioners can cause damage to your wig.

The second step in how to wash a human hair wig is to rinse the hair loss prevention treatment from the shampoo out of the hair loss solution. To do this you will need to take your hair loss shampoo and pour some hot water over it. Next you should saturate the shampoo and allow it time to soak into your hair. Once it has soaked in the hot water you should rinse the shampoo out with warm or cold water.

The third step in how to wash a human hair wig is to gently brush through the solution. The brush can be very hard to handle at first but it is necessary to brush the solution through the hair gently. Once you have brushed through the solution, you will want to lightly towel dry your hair. This is done using a towel so that the heat from the towel does not pull the hair into your scalp.

The fourth step in how to wash a human hair wig is to gently comb the solution through your hair. It is best to comb it through your hair starting from the bottom and working your way up. You should comb it in a circular motion. This will coat the base and add body. You should make sure to keep your hand out in front of the wig since you will be rubbing it in and the heat from the comb will transfer to the wig.

The last step in how to wash a human hair wig is to rinse and set your wig in a hair dryer. This is very easy and all you will need is an ordinary hair dryer and a wide spread section of hair extensions. You should blow dry your wig and then place it in the dryer. Allow the wig to dry completely before taking it out of the dryer. After your wigs are dry, you will want to thoroughly rinse them under running water to ensure that the product penetrates your extensions and goes where it is supposed to go. Proper care is the key to preserving your wigs for as long as possible.