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Grades determine quality?

Is the grade determines the quality of the wigs?

On the one hand is indeed the level to determine the quality, but on the other hand, the level is only a description of the title of the goods.


When the market in a saturated state, many businessman in order to expand sales, the quickest way is to cut prices, or regards low-level wigs as high-level to sale, so consumers can easily enter the trap, believe that can use a lower price to buy high-grade wigs, so that businessman quickly get profits.


But how do consumers need to tell if their wigs are in line with their grades?

Usually this unscrupulous business will use 2A, 3A, 4A hair mentioned 7A, 8A or even 10A to sell, consumers must first understand each level of the normal price, when receipt of the wig should not rush to use , first touch the texture of the wigs to see if the same touch as real hair, and then smell the wig whether there is a taste of chemicals.


In general, consumers are easy to buy this kind of chemically treated hair, the beginning of the use will not be a big problem, but a few months after the hair will become difficult to care, after all, this is the chemical treatment of hair.

So consumers must keep their eyes open, choose a reputable businessman, do not spend money wasted.