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Getting the Best Hair Extensions:3 Tips for Finding a Reliable Seller

As for the hair extensions, Many claim to sell the best hair extensions—smooth, lustrous, and long. However, how exactly do you know that the sellers’ hair is what he promises? Below are 3 tips you should consider when choosing an online hair extensions seller:


Know how to evaluate hair quality:

Some coat their hair extensions with silicone to make the hair feels soft and good but leaves no residue. However, given the fact that silicone washes away, the hair will turn dry, dull and tangle easily.

Quality extends to packaging.

In contrast, sellers like Meir HairHair Company, ensure that each hair bundle is packed individually to avoid getting tangle.

Sharing of educational information.

For example, Meir HairHair Company always share many articles to tell customers how to wash hair, how to care hair and how to identify good and bad quality hair etc.

No matter you believe or not, if you have any question, just ask us and we will try our best to help you.