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Care Instruction of hair extension human

♦ Use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb the hair extension human  to remove any tangling . When combing the hair extension human , always start at the bottom and work your way to the top , combing small sections of the hair extension human with downward strokes until all of the hair has been combed and detangled. Be careful not to pull on the hair .
♦Wash the virgin hair wholesale hair extension human with running lukewarm water and a deep cleansing shampoo . Rinse thoroughly .
♦ Apply a moisturizing conditioner to the hair extension human and rinse thoroughly with running cool water until all of the conditioner is removed .
♦ Gently pat the hair extension human dry with a towel . Do not rub the hair with the towel to dry .
♦ Apply a spray-type , oil-free light detangler to hair extension human , then carefully comb the hair in the same manner as in Step 1 to remove any tangles that may have formed while washing .
♦ Allow the hair extension human to air-dry for best results . Do not sleep while the hair is still wet as this can result in severe tangling .